Everything You Could Need to Buy Right Now

Steps to Virtual Buyer Consultation 

1. Review Buyer Information Guide

2. Complete a Buyer Information Form Online. Link may be found here.

3. Meet over Zoom

-Download Zoom app from either Apple Appstore or Google Play.
-Open App
-Create a free Zoom account! Sign In.

4. Buyer Virtual Showing Brochure – Click Here

5. Traditional Buyer Showings | COVID-19 Additions

Virtual Information Packet

Upon Request a Virtual Information Packet for listings you as a buyer have interest in will be created

1. This will include aerial view of the property from Google maps along with anything in the area of interest

2. Confirm schools online

3. This will include link to the property on GIS Browser. Find septic/sewer info, property lines and areas around the property. Also review tax assessors’ site for square feet, acreage, etc.

4. Include any links of virtual showings available. Request virtual showing from listing broker. Include pre-recorded virtual tours as well as check Zillow for any available walk through tours

Live Virtual Showing

Request a Live Virtual Showing upon request.

1. As a homebuyer, create a free Zoom account.

2. As the showing agent, I'll send you a calendar invitation to the meeting. My Personal Meeting ID;


Meeting ID: 915 853 1314

Live Showing

1. We'll drive separate to the property

2. When possible gloves, booties, and/or hand sanitizer will be provided

3. Review RE/MAX Legends COVID-19 Notice

-Remove shoes before entering
-Wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering the property
-Avoid sitting on furniture
-Cover coughs and sneezes
-Be mindful of surfaces you are touching
-Be mindful of social distancing when touring the home
-Leave lights and doors as they are. No need to close spaces or turn off lights
-Reminder that homes have video cameras.

4. As the showing agent, I'll open the front door and allow you to go in maintaining property social distance etiquette. 

5. I'll advise the listing agent when the showing is complete so the Seller can return. Given Shelter in Place, seller’s may need to wait in the yard or their car during the showing.

6. Will contact you after the showings are completed to discuss the property to maintain social distancing.

Here is a link to the executive order Governor Kemp signed.

For in-person showings, exemption letter for use when driving to showings (when a virtual showing is not an option or has already taken place).  Click here for a Buyer version! 

Virtual Contract Process

1. We use an e-signing platform for all contract negotiations

2. Zoom may also be used to review the documents and explain the contracts as well as phone discussions.

3. RE/MAX Legends will be the "holder" of the earnest money so you can use the earnest money website for your deposit via e-check.

-This enables you NOT to worry about a need for collecting earnest money until you have a binding contract
-Earnest money website is www.LegendsPayments.com
-Instructions for the earnest money website can be found at http://www.rem.ax/legendsem
4. We include the GAR (Georgia Association of REALTORS) COVID-19 special stipulation in all contracts. This allows for an automatic extension to the closing date if required due to COVID-19 and also gives you a possibility to terminate the contract if those delays extend closing out beyond a certain timeframe.

Home Inspections

Once under contract, as your buyer's agent I will seek to set up a home inspection, radon test, termite inspection, and any other inspections we'd customarily do and desire for the home to work through our due diligence.

The home inspector will enter the home by themselves and complete the inspection. They' use gloves and foot covers and after completing the inspection from top to bottom, they'll send us a detailed home inspection report along with photos for reference.

Once we examine all inspections and our due diligence is over, we'll provide to the seller an Amendment to Address Concerns with the property indicating what repairs you would like them to address prior to closing. That will also be a document you may review via PDF and e-sign. 

If there are any needs for additional evaluation by other trades or contractors, as your buyer's agent I'll meet them at the property myself being your eyes and ears along with a faciliator to get you the information so that you both know what you're buying, but also you can make informed decisions!

Virtual Closing Process

1. We confirm with your lender that they will allow a virtual closing

2. Advise the lender that the closing documents need to be at the attorney’s office 3 days before closing

-This will allow the attorney to print all the buyer documents, tag them and overnight them to your client with a return fed-ex envelope
-If the documents are not at the attorney’s office early, the buyer would potentially need to print 100+ pages for the closing.
3. Will confirm the attorney is providing the return envelope needed for the closing. If they are not, we'll send one to you.

4. Provide you with the nearest drop box location for Fed-Ex.

5. Communicate with you when you receive and review the closing disclosure

Live Closing

1. Closing attorney's office wipes down and disinfects conference rooms between each closing.

2. Only those signing documents at closing shall attend. No need for agents or lenders to attend, but these are on call in case needs arise.

3. Parties signing the day of closing are split between two different conference rooms to provide proper social distancing.